About The Jenkins Agency, Inc.

Goal of The Jenkins Agency, Inc.: Provide our current and future clients with the best Life and Health products available in the market; Educate our clients on the coverage, companies, and processes involved with the implementation of these programs; Service our client’s needs effectively, efficiently, and with communication;  and to Establish a life long business as well as personal relationship with those we have been given the opportunity to assist.

Individual Health: In today’s health insurance market we are all faced with rising costs.  To assist individuals in combating these rising costs, The Jenkins Agency, Inc. endeavors to bring to the table the lowest priced products available, educating our clients on those products, and guiding them through the enrollment process.  Being involved in every step of the process helps ensure our client’s satisfaction and establishes a long- term relationship that our Agency aims to maintain for many years.

Group Health: Like in the individual health insurance market, our Group insurance costs have escalated dramatically over that last decade.  We employ every available tool to deal with this rise, from enrolling in other competitive company programs, to installing cafeteria plans to maximize Pre Tax savings, to making plan changes in the form of deductibles or other benefits.  The complexity of Group Health Insurance tends to increase each year as well, thus The Jenkins Agency strives to keep our clients educated and informed in changes we made or are made for us. Each group is unique and we leave no stone unturned in our attempt to keep these plans as price competitive as possible and to provide an unyielding dedication to servicing the varying needs of our clients, in every step of the process.

Supplemental/Ancillary Products: In our group client’s benefit programs we often times install programs such as Supplemental Insurance and Ancillary products to help an employee round out their personal benefits package.  Supplemental examples include Cancer, Accident, Disability, Critical Illness and Life programs.  These are very popular products that when combined with a Cafeteria Plan, provide the employee with a wonderful array of products purchased with Pre Taxed dollars, with benefits payable to the insured.  Ancillary products refer to those additional products like Dental, Vision, Group Life or Disability plans that could be sponsored by the employer and are typically written in a “group” form.  As with all of the products we offer, The Jenkins Agency, Inc. represents numerous carriers to be able to offer the most competitive products available.  Many of these products can be offered on an Individual basis as well.

Life Insurance: There are many reasons at many different times in one’s life that Life Insurance policies are purchased.  Each person, family or business is different.  Each may desire a different form of insurance for a different reason.  Because of this, The Jenkins Agency utilizes a vast number of A- rated companies to handle to multifaceted needs of our clients.  Universal Life, Term Life, and all of their variances are written for Estate Planning needs, Business Insurance, Key Man programs, as well as simply Personal needs related to family.  Regardless of the purpose, we will establish a life insurance portfolio that best represents our clients wishes and needs at the most competitive price available.  Even if the client has previously purchased life polices before working with us, we can provide a Product Analysis for our clients to determine if the products that they have in place are up to date and performing as when they were purchased.


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